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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Obesity and lifestyle diseases can be drastically reduced if it can realize adequate carbohydrate intake, and the importance of carbohydrate control has drawn attention globally.
E3 Enterprise will start selling the One Finger Carbohydrate Monitor “caboc” which can be visualized with carbohydrate control index.


  • Inserting one finger visualize the changes of carbohydrate
    What you need to do is just insert one finger. It is able to test any times per day as necessary without any suffering.
  • NO needs to purchase any expendable parts
    Since there is no expendable parts, no excessive waste, totally environmentally friendly and no additional cost is required.
  • Only takes 60 seconds to get result!!
    Simultaneous acquisition of data necessary for calculating ‘caboc’ with multiple sensors, test in a short time, results are displayed on the smartphone.

For details, please visit E3 website.

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