Body friendly, Disinfectant deodorant spray

“Mild acidity hypochlorous acid water” for disinfection and deodorization that you can use with confidence in various situations.


  • By making a dilution reaction of disinfectant potable sodium hypochlorite (food additive), diluted hydrochloric acid (food additive), and pure water by our own manufacturing method, it enabled pH control, which had been considered difficult until now, You can use it safely and conveniently.
  • You can expect disinfecting effect of cooking utensils and dishes (After spraying, please use running water treatment).
  • It reacts directly with the source of the organic smell and decomposes and deodorizes. It can be expected to be effective for deodorizing ammonia odor, pet smell, sweat smell, garbage smell, smell of cigarette.
    It is also effective in suppressing allelic substances.

Use Case

  • At home
    For disinfection of the room / to deodorize shoes and garbage etc / to counter smell of pet / pollen, to remove dust
  • At hotels, restaurants, etc.
    For disinfection of utensils and dishes (please spray after spraying, use running water) / to deodorize guest room
  • Hospitals · Nursing homes · Nurseries · Kindergartens · Elementary schools etc.
    For disinfection and deodorization in the facility


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