Ultra-compact sleep monitor


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“SleepingMonitor” is a health management device which easily monitors sleep. Recording sleep status helps daily health management. Measurement of body temperature during sleeping, which is difficult to measure accurately, helps for daily health management.

* This product is designed for improving personal health.

* Results measured by this product is not suitable for medical care such as treatment, diagnosis, prevention, management of disease condition, etc.

* Please see a doctor in case of anxiety such as sickness regardless of any kind of measurement result.

* The results measured with this product are different from the results measured by medical institutions and medical examination equipment.


  • Easy to measure body temperature during sleep
    Body temperature during sleep, which was usually difficult to accurately measure. With Sleeping Monitor, you can measure body temperature during sleep which has the least metabolism, so it is possible to grasp more stable values.
  • Monitoring respiratory status during sleep
    SleepingMonitor is sticked on the chest to detect small chest movement. It is possible to grasp the breathing status during sleep without a large-scale diagnostic device. The embedded vibrator will notify the specific status.
  • With Carrying case, easy to operate
    Stick SleepingMonitor on your body before going to bed and just restore SleepingMonitor into carrying case after use. Data is automatically transferred to the smartphone. Carrying inside the case is convenient for traveling or during business trip.
  • Compact and lightweight design
    Wearing comfortably during sleeping.

How to use

  1.  Turn on SleepingMonitor before going to bed, stick directly on the skin of armpits or center of chest.
  2.  After wake up, remove SleepingMonitor and restore into carrying case. The data is automatically transferred to the smartphone.

SleepingMonitor Brief Specification

Dimension 33 x 28 x 8 ㎜
Weight 6.8 g
Communication Bluetooth Low Energy
APP iOS, Android (sequential)
Bundlled items Carrying case, USB cable, Manual
This product is still under development, the specification might be modified.


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