Evolutionary fixed line phone

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There is neither a dial nor a receiver – ” phone”.
5 smartphones can be registered as cordless handsets, Incoming & outgoing calls can be made on smartphone even while you are on the road.

  • Smartphone registered as cordless handset can receive incoming calls to fixed line phone even while you are on the road
  • Calls between the registered smartphones go through the Internet. VoIP talk without charge.
    * Data communication charges may be applied by mobile network operator separately.
  • Built-in speaker, supports handsfree calling.
    Works as a radio as well.
  • Simply as a fusion of fixed line and mobile phones.

Use case

Start-up and Venture company / Small Business and so on…
Best fit for SOHO office !

One of the advantages of keeping a fixed line phone is “social credibility”。 Since the location can be confirmed by the fixed phone number,
For startup companies and venture companies who concerns about “credibility”, having a fixed line is a natural choice.

However, the reality is,many of times
outside of office make it difficult to deal with incoming calls at fix lines.
SOHO operators needs fixed line however rarely used.

If you use E3PHONE which 5 smartphones can be registered, the usage of fixed line will be increased significantly.
Even while you are on the road, incoming calls to fixed line are notified to smartphones and can be answered as well. Also, making outgoing calls from a smartphone using the fix phone number is also OK. Fixed lines can be used anytime, anywhere.

Calls between smartphones go through the Internet, call charges do not occur. It is strongly recommended for those SOHO workers who have more conversation within the company than outside the company.
* Data communication charges may be applied by mobile network operator separately.

Even the conversation among registered smartphones under different mobile network operator, are also free.
Make family call freely & totally free!

“Family Package” now becomes one of these mobile network operators’ common standard. Meanwhile, “discount SIM” attracts attention. However these plans have more expensive talk cost or even without voice service.

E3PHONE is not limited to any phone operator, calls among 5 smartphones registered are free. In another word, simply replacing your home phone to E3PHONE, all the calls among family members are free regardless which phone operators you are using.

E3PHONE makes calls among members more freely and toll free.

Quick start

Initial setting can be done automatically just by scanning a QR code
Adopting CamConnect ™!
Only two step preparations to use E3PHONE. After connecting the power supply to E3PHONE device, please scan the QR code on the bottom of E3PHONE device using the APP on your smartphone. Just doing this, all settings will be completed automatically. After that You can make a call immediately.

How E3PHONE works

E3PHONE connects the public telephone network and the Internet. An IP connection is used between smartphones registered as cordless phones and E3PHONE device,
calls from E3PHONE APP on smartphone through E3PHONE device via PSTN is just like an ordinary fixed line phone. This simple mechanism is just what a modern fixed telephones.

Function and name of each part of the main unit

E3PHONE Brief Specification

Dimension 106 x 65 x 30 mm
Weight Appx. 133 g
Connection Analog line, LAN, Wireless LAN, BLE, 3G/LTE (Option)
External interface RJ11(Analog line), RJ45(LAN), USB, Earphone microphone, MicroSD
Key Speed dial x 3
Display LED x 3
APP iOS 10, Android 5.0 or later compatible
Bundled items AC adapter, charging cable, telephone cable, quick start guide, warranty card
This product is still under development, the specification might be modified.


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