Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor


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“KETTO” is a health management device which can monitor glucose levels non-invasively without pain.
People who concerns about blood glucose levels could use it every day without any suffering.
In addition to a blood glucose levels, such as “pulse rate” and “a blood oxygen saturation” are recorded, it will help your day-to-day health management.

*This product is currently under development and not on sale.

*This product is not medical equipment or medical examination equipment. 

*Measurement data of this product can not be used for any medical activity such as treatment, diagnosis, prevention, management of disease condition, etc.

*Once feel sick, please contact a Doctor for further diagnosis regardless of what measured result.

*The results measured with this product are different from the results measured by medical institutions and medical examination equipment.


  • Non-invasively without pain
    Not necessary to use puncture needle which is required for ordinary blood glucose monitoring.No burden, can use it every day without any suffering.
  • NO needs to purchase any expendable parts
    Because of no expendable parts, there is no excessive waste and totally environment friendly. Of course, no additional cost.
  • Only takes 60 seconds to get result!!
    Simultaneous acquisition of data necessary for blood glucose measurement with multiple sensors enables measurement in a short time.
  • Compact, lightweight ergonomic design
    Compact, lightweight and easy to carry.
    Moreover, ergonomic design enables comfortable posture.

Measurement mechanism

  • Adapting the method of MHC(Metabolic Heat Confirmation) that draws international attention in the medical congress
    Paying attention to the relationship of heat and oxygen supply to emit when the glucose in the blood is oxidized,
    Non-invasive glucose monitor is realized focusing on the relationship between the heat generated by glucose oxidation and oxygen supply, estimation of blood glucose level is calculated by  a blood oxygen saturation, several temperature and other parameters  measured by several sensors.
    * Currently, it is not certified as an official blood glucose measurement method in Japan.


  1. Launch APP on your smartphone, Power ON the “KETTO” to connect.
  2. Tap the “Test” after connection is confirmed.
  3. Insert your finger to the finger-clip in order to start measurement.
  4. The measurement will be done in 60 seconds, the result will be displayed on APP.

KETTO Overview Specification

Dimension 145 x 63.5 x 54.6 ㎜
Weight 150 g
Mesurement method MHC (Metabolic Heat Conformation)
Mesurement Index Blood oxygen saturation, Hemoglobin, Blood velocity, Pulse rate, Ambient temperature/humidity, Surface temperature/humidity, Blood Glucose Level
Wireless Communication Bluetooth 3.0, 4.0
APPS iOS、Android(Plan)
*The specification is subject to change.
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